Shop, in the Name of Love – A Super Fun Target Engagement Shoot

Couples who love running errands together, stay together.  Jaymie and Ian spent an afternoon with Ariele Chapman Photography at Target, a store we’re pretty sure we couldn’t live without!  We love unconventional engagement shoots and can tell these two had a blast riding in that iconic red shopping cart and stealing kisses in nearly every department.

Their adventure started in the toy aisle where Ian found a sweet bike and and Jaymie hopped on a skateboard.  We loved how they both incorporated red in their outfits, Ian chose a flannel shirt and Jaymie in red kicks.  They rolled through electronics and frozen food and even played house in Target’s trendy furniture display.  We’re sure there were lots of smiles and laughter from these two, their rad photographer, and the store’s shoppers.  What a great reminder that having fun is the best way to capture your love in photos!

Who knew Target could be so romantic?  We wish these two a lifetime of adventurous shopping trips and hope they purchased that sweet stuffed pup, and maybe a frozen pizza as the perfect ending to an awesome day!!











Photography.  Ariele Chapman Photography

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