A Love So Sweet — Deep Friendships and Happily Ever After

Meet Caitlin and Chris.  They’re getting married this month at The Greenhouse at Driftwood and I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this day!!  Caitlin and I met years ago at a sorority alumni event in Austin, Texas.  I was new to the city and she quickly took me under her wing, introducing me to all of her college besties and favorite happy hour spots.  We often wore the same color by coincidence, adventured together, and made unforgettable memories over the years.

One day (and the most romantic Drake and Lil Wayne concert) she met Chris, a man who shares her zest for life, is always smiling, and will feel like your oldest friend after one glass of whiskey.  These two are perfect for each other, and our girl gang knew right away that he was the one.

Caitlin brings people together and loves them deeply, which is one reason I am so thrilled to share their journey with you. Think of their bright and beautiful engagement photos by Love, The Nelsons as a teaser because their wedding is right around the corner! I cannot wait to witness these two start their forever together at one of the most stunning venues in Austin.

Enjoy the rest of Engaged Life, Caitlin and Chris!!  Married Life is even sweeter.  XOXO











Photographer.  Love, The Nelsons









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