Find Your Babé and Give Her the Ocean — A Surprise Proposal with Wild Light

When Steve was hired to film a destination wedding in Hawaii, it’s no surprise he invited his girlfriend, Spencer, and began planning his surprise proposal.  The stars aligned when they learned the bride was a friend from Spencer’s hometown and that the hired photographer was her best friend Autumn.  What could be better than an impromptu five-day double date with your best friends on an island?

The day before the wedding Steve, Spencer, Autumn, and her husband Mike ventured to Waikiki for some last minute sun and relaxation.  Steve imagined popping the question while they hiked, but Spencer’s mind was set on enjoying the beach.  Wanting the moment to be perfect, Steve let go of his plan and anxiously searched for a new one — we love proposal stories with a twist!  After a few hours of pondering at the pool, a catamaran sunset cruise caught Autumn’s eye and she quickly pulled Steve aside to make the suggestion.  A romantic boat ride on the Pacific Ocean and $2 Mai-Tais?  Steve was sold!

Thirty minutes into their cruise, Captian Jay turned off the motor and silenced the music to set the mood for Steve’s big moment.  Steve led Spencer to the back of the boat for a photo, then pulled out a can of her favorite bubbly, Babe Rosé.  But the label looked different than she was used to.  Instead of “Babe Rosé” it read, “Babe, will you marry me?

We know.  We’re dying too.  We’ll let Spencer tell the rest of the story:

“By the time I had a chance to process everything I looked up at him and he was down on one knee!  I could try to tell you what I remember saying but I feel these beautiful photos that Autumn captured says it all.  February 25th, 2018 was the most perfectly imperfect day of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!” 

Welcome to Engaged Life, Spencer and Steve!  We love your creative proposal story and the beautiful emotion captured by Autumn Beury (Hello Miss Lovely).  Happy wedding planning!

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Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-4-6

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-11-11

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-12-12

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-14-14

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-19-16

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-24-17

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-26-19

Hawaii Wedding Photographer_s+s-32-22

Photographer.  Hello Miss Lovely

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