Forever and a Day – A Sunset Joshua Tree Elopement

One of our besties Ariele Chapman Photography joined Michelle and Michael for their Joshua Tree elopement this summer.  This couple told us all about how they spontaneously decided on this for their best day ever.

“At first we wanted to have a destination wedding. As we began to plan and speak with family and friends, we both realized how involved everyone else was getting. This is when we decided it was best to do what made us happy. Him and I have always danced to the beat of our own drum, why would it change for our wedding day? So, we made a choice. We chose California. In early 2018, we had a trip planned to Santa Barbara and Joshua Tree with our two best friends. In July we jokingly would say we should just elope in California, why not? Then in August, this joke became a truth and then the dress hunt started in full effect. I already knew which boho bridal shoppe I wanted to make my appointment, Lovely Bride Miami in Wynwood, FL. When I tried on my Rue De Seine dress I felt like the real me. It had me at the fringe. I mean, wow. 

On Friday, 8.31.18, we drove down to the desert and met up with Ari at the main entrance of the park. We both got dressed outside of our cars in the middle of JTP, my maid of honor had done my hair and make up on the way. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She made me feel like a bohemian hippie goddess. Ariele was truly our life savior, creative direction, and Elopement fairy godmother. She made this experience feel so effortless and fun, always making us laugh, and continuously cracking a smile on our faces. She even drove from LA to Joshua Tree National Park with my flowers and crowns, who Fleurish designed beautifully. The moments she captured are priceless and breathtaking. Our hearts are forever grateful for these moments.”

Joshua Tree Elopement-1

Joshua Tree Elopement-20

Joshua Tree Elopement-19

Joshua Tree Elopement-22

Joshua Tree Elopement-25

Joshua Tree Elopement-26

Joshua Tree Elopement-32

Joshua Tree Elopement-13

Joshua Tree Elopement-8

Joshua Tree Elopement-10

Joshua Tree Elopement-36

Joshua Tree Elopement-38

Joshua Tree Elopement-39

Joshua Tree Elopement-41

Joshua Tree Elopement-42

Joshua Tree Elopement-43

Joshua Tree Elopement-52

Joshua Tree Elopement-54

Joshua Tree Elopement-55

Joshua Tree Elopement-58

Joshua Tree Elopement-57

Joshua Tree Elopement-59

Joshua Tree Elopement-60

Joshua Tree Elopement-65

Joshua Tree Elopement-68

Joshua Tree Elopement-70

Joshua Tree Elopement-72

Joshua Tree Elopement-74

Joshua Tree Elopement-75

Joshua Tree Elopement-79

Joshua Tree Elopement-80

Joshua Tree Elopement-81

Joshua Tree Elopement-88

Joshua Tree Elopement-97

Joshua Tree Elopement-98

Joshua Tree Elopement-99

Joshua Tree Elopement-102

Joshua Tree Elopement-104

Joshua Tree Elopement-117

Joshua Tree Elopement-115

Joshua Tree Elopement-119

Joshua Tree Elopement-109

Joshua Tree Elopement-108

Joshua Tree Elopement-113

To close, we’ll tell you a little bit more about Michelle and Michael, their love story has no beginning or end.  And we feel so grateful to be able to share their special memories with you!!  Welcome to Married Life you two!!

“Our names are Michael & Michelle, Usatorres, now. We met junior year of high school in Miami, FL, we were 16 years old. We became great friends instantly. He was always there for me as I was for him, a true friend I could lean on for advice, joy, and hope. After our high school graduation something seemed to click, and on 8.5.2007, he asked me to be his girlfriend, a couple weeks shy of my 18 birthday. We started our path of very young love. Our time came to pause about 5 1/2 years later. 3 1/2 years of self-growth, resilience, and strength emerged. We learned how to love each other from a distance. He lived his life, as I lived mine. However, we always kept in communication. The love was always there. Summer 2016, we began to fall into each others hearts, deeper than we could have imagined or expected. However, I was ready to make a huge change in my life and so I did. I packed all my belongings in my car, sold my furniture, rented my apartment in Miami, and took a cross country road trip from Miami to Los Angeles, CA. I was determined, I was set, I was leaving, and I did. He knew this was happening but I had made this decision before the summer. As a birthday gift he flew me down to Miami. Then, on October 1, 2016, he asked and I said YES! Why you may ask? I had my “whole life” in LA, how could I just leave it behind after a 4-day road trip and such a grand life change. Why? Love, is the only honest answer there is. As much as my mind said no, my heart and soul said yes. I’m a soul driven individual. Love and light will always illuminate my path, I am grateful to be back in Miami, with unconditional love and family. As you can see we are nontraditional. We allow life to challenge us, break us apart, to bring us together.”

Photographer.  Ariele Chapman Photography
Dress.  Lovely Bride Miami – Rue De Seine

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  1. Such an honor to be featured on your blog! Thank you for sharing our love story with the world. Our hearts are forever grateful.

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