You Spin Me Right Round – The Cutest Laundromat Engagement Session

Elizabeth and Brad found a laundromat so cute and full of natural light, we wouldn’t be opposed to spending an afternoon there washing our clothes.  McKenzie Bigliazzi Photography tells us these two are totally head over heels for each other, and after browsing through these photos we’d have to agree with her!  We loved the bride-to-be’s trendy overalls and suede mules (seriously, where did you get those?).  And the joy on her face when Brad was pushing her around in a laundry cart makes us smile.  We wish you two the happiest Engaged Life and a lifetime of clean clothes and corner store adventures!  

Laundromat Engagement-3

Laundromat Engagement-6

Laundromat Engagement-5

Laundromat Engagement-7

Laundromat Engagement-9

Laundromat Engagement-10

Laundromat Engagement-13

Laundromat Engagement-14

Laundromat Engagement-16

Laundromat Engagement-19

Laundromat Engagement-20

Laundromat Engagement-21

Laundromat Engagement-24

Laundromat Engagement-25

Laundromat Engagement-29

Laundromat Engagement-28


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