Nick and Sarah’s Surprise Sunset Beach Proposal

Kerri Carlquist Photography tells us the most exciting story about her sister’s surprise proposal on beautiful Seagate Beach. We’ll let her take us back to this magical day.

“IT HAPPENED. MY SISTER IS FINALLY ENGAGED. Sarah and Nick are seriously the perfect match. They work hard at their relationship and love each other so well, and have for over five years. How did it happen?

I got the “We need to talk.” text a few weeks ago from Nick, followed by a phone call with lots of freaking out (mostly on my end). Nick would be coming to Florida with Sarah and I for the weekend. My parents would be there Friday, but were driving north to Sarasota to see friends for the remainder, and Kelly would be busy studying for grad school finals home in Chicago. It was the perfect set up.

The three of us headed to the beach with a bottle of wine for sunset and photos. The ring was in my camera bag and the cue would be for me to ask Nick to get me a different lens. Once at the beach, I got the text from my family, so we started taking pictures. I gave Nick the OK to grab my lens, when he handed it to me I told them I needed a minute to switch it out and walked away from them.

Through the lens of my camera I saw Nick drop to his knee, I watched my best friend, sister, and role model smile, cry and shout yes to the man of her dreams, all while my family was hiding behind a tree. Mom + Dad had driven back a night early and Kelly had flown in about an hour before.

We popped champagne, stayed at the beach until dark, enjoyed a steak dinner, told stories, and celebrated this milestone and Sarah and Nick’s forever love. Nick has felt like part of the family for years, but now we get to make it official. Let the wedding planning begin!!!

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