Anjolee – An Unforgettable Diamond Buying Experience

Much like when it comes to love, we expect our diamonds (and tokens of affection) to last forever. When selecting any type of jewelry for a major life milestone (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations) quality is of utmost importance.

As of recent, EngagedLife was introduced to fine retail diamond jeweler, Anjolee. Plenty of bridal sparkles (everything from diamond earrings to engagement rings) can be found on Anjolee’s website. Since 1977, the jewelry company, which created the diamond tennis bracelet in New York City during the 1960s’, has quickly become a well-known (and respected)
jeweler. They offer a wide variety of quality pieces for all of life’s precious moments that we want to last forever.
The ease of ordering from Anjolee is as effortless as slipping on a diamond tennis bracelet. They kindly sent us a sample and it arrived overnight—truly a diamond delivery express service. Not only was the delivery super fast, but the piece arrived safely as well as beautifully packaged.
While the customer service bar is set high, Anjolee’s website is user-friendly. In fact, anyone can shop for that one perfect piece they wish to purchase no matter their limited or experience knowledge of purchasing fine jewelry.  

Anjolee breaks down their jewels into categories: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Diamonds, and Gemstones. They even display how prices fluctuate depending on metals and diamond quality. It’s so easy! 
The site goes as far as to offer a ‘visualization tool.’ This way, customers can really get a feel for the gems before placing an order. One unique feature provides is a 3D try-on experience where one can virtually see the piece in a 360-degree view via their smartphone. It’s pretty nifty, trust us. 

Okay, we know diamonds are a bride-to-be’s best friend, but there is more to Anjolee’s high-quality designs other than engagement rings and wedding bands. Hard to believe, we know!

We feel that Anjolee’s Circle Gemstone Diamond stud earrings would make a delightful ‘push present’ in the birthstone of the baby for all new and expecting moms. Of course, any life milestone, think college graduation as well as wedding anniversaries deserve something timeless—we’re thinking sparkly too.

The Classic Graduated Strand of Diamonds, diamond tennis necklace (in yellow white gold or platinum) would be our pick. Naturally, we understand that diamonds, while beautiful, can be a big investment to make. Luckily, Anjolee keeps an updated sale page where buyers can save as much as 25% off their purchases.
With all this bling chatter, we want to share some of our favorite Anjolee pieces with all of you!

Which one will you be lucky enough to get?

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