A Match Made in Heaven – Hellen and Wiclife’s Beautiful Wedding Day

A DIY wedding with the most stunning vineyard golden hour is how we’d describe Hellen and Wiclife’s wedding, shot by Captured by Kay. The bride tells us a little about the couple’s history and we love this story!

How did we meet, you ask? I’d sum it up to three things: God’s providence, small talk in the ladies’ room, and the typical African Mama’s matchmaking skills. I happened to be visiting a new church on a chilly Saturday morning and briefly stopped in the women’s restroom for a quick touch up. While glancing in the mirror, I turned to my left to see a vibrant woman, with hair crowned in a glorious kente fabric with warmth in her face. In our African community, we like to call them the “African Mamas” – they are revered as an integral part of the community. They are like a second mom, and matchmaking is literally in their DNA.

Our small talk was filled with laughter, kindness, and the connecting thread of our cultures and religion. We continued to maintain contact over the years. Unbeknownst to me, she had known Wiclife for several years and felt that we would be a perfect match! She secretly sent him my number! Shortly after, I received a text from him. Distance couldn’t stop what God had ordained! Sparks flew from North California along the shores of the Pacific coast down to Southern California. From the beginning, our connection was indescribable, first as friends secretly anticipating calls to sharing encouraging bible verses. God wove our paths to connect the thread of living a life dedicated to him. Indescribable peace overcame our little hearts. We “found the one whom our souls loved.”

A favorite memory from their photographer was sunset. “We snuck away from the reception just in time to catch golden hour. Hellen insisted on making it to the vineyards just up the road. We hoped in the car, drove and literally ran to the vineyard! So much fun catching the last few moments as the sun went down! Something I will never forget.

Congratulations and welcome to Married Life you two!! We wish you the very best.

Photographer. Captured by Kay
Church. English Oaks SDA Church
Dress. Lillian West
Long Sleeve Lace Bolero. Amazon 
Bridesmaid Dresses. Bird Grey
Mother of the Bride’s Dress. Cocomelody

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