About Jess

Hey guys!  I’m Jess, the founder of Engaged Life.

I’ve loved weddings for as long as I can remember.  I love attending them, watching movies about them, and more recently, helping my friends and family plan them.  When I planned my sister’s wedding in 2014 I found myself thinking, “Maybe I could do this full time someday…”.

When I got engaged, nearly everyone else I know also did (#thisis30).  Friends started sending me contracts to review and asking for my advice with vendors, venues and decor.  I quickly learned SO much, from planning my own wedding and helping others.  I wanted to share the great vendors I’d met and cool ideas I’d stumbled upon so I created an Instagram account, @engagedlife.  I had no plans to start a business, I just needed somewhere to unload all of my excited energy.

As my Instagram account grew, I started building the most incredible little community of engaged couples and wedding vendors.  EngagedLife quickly turned into a website, blog and now a wedding planning business.  My husband and I wanted our wedding day to be the best day ever, and we look back on it as even more than that — it was the most beautiful celebration that began the rest of our lives together. I want to help others experience that same warmth. Meeting engaged couples, learning about their stories, and helping bring their dreams to life on their wedding day has brought me SO much joy and happiness, it’s my favorite thing.

XOXO – Jess

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