An Insanely Romantic Positano Proposal

A few days ago, Jon shared his proposal story and photos with us and we are SO excited to share their love story with all of you.

Jon and Mary met at a summer barbecue and he was blown away by how incredibly beautiful she was.  He still remembers every little detail of that first day he set eyes on Mary.  They went on to become friends until 2015 when they started dating and Jon describes that year as the best year of his life, the year his life started.

“2015 was, is, and will forever be written as the year that my life started, that I finally started living… because of Mary. She saved me. I did not think in a million years she would go from a lustful thought, to a lifelong love; and forever, I will be grateful that our stars aligned and out paths crossed, and slowly but surely as was meant to be, we found each other.  We strive to conquer the world together. We love to travel together to the Caribbean, St. Barth’s and anywhere there is a beach almost as gorgeous as Mary. We have ran 6 half marathons together, and finished the full 2016 NYC Marathon hand in hand. We are now training together for the 2018 NYC Olympic Triathlon.  I knew Mary was the one the moment our lips first touched and our hearts collided. She’s my best friend and my soulmate. I wanted the proposal to be absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

To show Mary how much she meant to him, Jon planned a pretty epic proposal.  They had a trip planned to Italy and each day leading up to their trip, Jon sent Mary a love note,  via text, in Italian.  He provided a “fake” translation for each note but the real translation held a secret Mary would find out in Positano.

Monday 8/14.
Jon to Mary.  “Buongiorno amore mio! Felice lunedi! Quattro giorni ancora fino a quando non andiamo per romantico italia! Non vedo l’ora di stare con voi nel nostro paradiso europeo. Tu sei l’amore della mia vita, questa vacanza cambierà la vita per sempre per bene, ti aspetti e vedrai!”

He told her it meant.  “Good morning my love! Happy Monday! Four more days until we leave for romantic italy! I can’t wait to be with you in our own European paradise. You are the love of my life, this vacation is going to be almost as perfect and gorgeous as you, I can’t wait to see the views with you!”

But really it meant.  “Good morning my love! Happy Monday! Four more days until we leave for romantic italy! I can’t wait to be with you in our own European paradise. You are the love of my life, this vacation is going to change our lives forever for good, you just wait and see!”

These texts continued.  On Tuesday it was:
“Good morning my love! Happy Tuesday! Three more days until we leave for romantic Italy! I can’t wait! Get excited! In a week I will ask you to marry me, you, the love of my life and best friend and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I have been holding it in now for way too long making these plans and I can’t wait to finally talk to you about it! I love you so much! Positive Jary vibes only!”

Then Wednesday:
“Good morning my love! Happy Walrus Wednesday!! TWO more days until we leave for romantic Italy! I can’t wait! Get excited!! This time next week you will have that gorgeous new piece of jewelry on your finger sparkling so bright in the Italian light, i can’t wait to see your smiles! I love you so much Mary! You’re my life. Forever.”

And finally, Thursday:
“Good morning my love! Happy Thursday!! ONE more day until we leave for romantic Italy! ahhh! I can’t wait! Get excited!! This time next week we will be staring at your gorgeous ring and loving life all over the Amalfi coast! I can’t wait to see your smile each and every morning as you wake up engaged! Your mom and aunt last night kept talking about it in front of you, whispering, calling the engagement Christmas! I thought you were going to hear! I love you so much my girl! Have an amazing day!”

Then they left for their romantic Italy.  A few days into their trip, Mary thought they were going down to the beach early to grab an apertivo before dinner and take a cute photo with the background of Positano.  She stumbled upon a package on a beach chair addressed to her.  Smiling and confused, she began to open it.

It was a watercolor painting Jon had commissioned of the exact moment that was about to happen, with him on one knee proposing and Positano in the background!220817Jonathan0033She started to tear up while Jon got down on one knee to recite a love note he memorized for her. As she began to cry and shake her head Yes, two hidden photographers from Flytographer captured the entire beautiful moment!220817Jonathan0009

A truly fairytale ending followed, with a private candlelit dinner on a terrance overlooking Positano beach.  A cobblestone path covered in rose petals and private mandolin player greeted them when they arrived.  The night was full of champagne, pasta and wine, and we couldn’t be more excited for this newly engaged couple!

Welcome to Engaged Life Jary (aka. Jon and Mary).  Your proposal was breathtaking and we hope you’ll share more with us on the journey to your best day ever!220817Jonathan0108The Girl of My Dreams.
“As she turned the corner of my house and gracefully walked across the lawn headed into the backyard patio, I couldn’t help but to stop what I was doing and stare. It was the perfect summer day, the kind of day you wish for all summer.  The sun shining through the leaves upon her golden face, like spotlights from heaven guiding their Angel’s way. The warm breeze gently lifting her dress in the most teasingly romantic motion revealing smooth luscious bronze legs. Bits of her long black silk-woven hair ticking her lips as she swiftly combs them away with her fresh calgel ‘cured fingers, simultaneously looking up from her predetermined path on the grass coming straight towards me. Her lips glistened a warm Pacific Rose type of hue, her smile so rich and enchanting I could feel her positive vibes from 20 yards away, her eyes looking up, piercing through my soul… This is my memory from the exact moment I met Mary at a summer barbecue.”  –  Jon

Flytographer – Mary and Maurizio







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