Grow Old With You – Molly and JJ’s Unforgettable Tahoe Wedding

JJ and Molly.  We will never forget your wedding day for so many reasons.  We laughed, we cried, we watched the sunset over the majestic Squaw mountains, and cruising on a river boat.  But best of all, we got the opportunity to watch the two of you fall in love with each other all over again and have an absolute blast.  Let’s let one of Engaged Life’s favorite California photographers, Amanda Rose of AGS Photo Art, take us through this joyful day.

Molly got ready with her ladies in red at the Resort at Squaw Creek.  Her room overlooked the ceremony space and the hustle and bustle of vendors!  For those of you who haven’t been to Squaw, just go.  Less than five miles from Tahoe’s lakefront, this resort town is packed full of fresh air, stunning views, and fun activities.  The Edin Carpenter crew pampered the bride squad as they sipped champagne and snuggled up in the blanket fort Molly created out of extra comforters from the hotel.  What more could you ask for on the morning of your wedding day?

Molly wore her hair in an elegant low bun, perfect for her long simple veil and the hairpiece she’d rock later that evening.  Her mother, Sandy, helped her into her Romona Keveža gown.  The dress had a Marilyn Monroe halter with a timeless silhouette and an incredible skirt and train.  This lady is already beautiful inside and out but we were at a loss for words when we saw her as a bride.

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-2

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-6

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-22

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-25

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-30

In a nearby hotel room, JJ and his groomsmen put on bright blue suits, burgundy ties and Phish socks.  Each had a fun and unique pattern on their pocket square and a trendy tie clip.   Before the first look they enjoyed brewskies on the patio and the groom’s brothers helped make sure he was ready to see his beautiful bride.

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-8

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-15

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-18

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-20

Amanda Rose’s signature back to back first look results in amazing photos every time.  With tears in their eyes, the couple smiled from ear to ear when they turned around to see each other.  But it wasn’t over there!  Two first looks is definitely better than one.  Just hours before, Molly ran up to me giggling and showed me a photo of Larry Bird.  She asked if I could make it “as big as her head”.  Most people think JJ looks like the former basketball player and have gifted him nicknames like The Bird and Larry.  There’s nothing quite like laughter to calm those wedding day nerves, and these two have no shortage of that.

One of our favorite photos from the day comes next.  JJ looking patiently up the stairs at Molly as she carefully makes her way down them.  The backdrop is the resort’s glassy exterior, a reflection of the perfect pine tree in it’s windows.

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-33

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-37

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-38

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-43

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-44

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-45

The wedding party joined Molly and JJ on the green for pre-ceremony photos.  The bridesmaids wore shades of red.  Wine, ruby and burgundy all joined the mix.  Fun fact!  We chose this palette at a wedding planning wine night, and wonder if the few glasses of red influenced Molly’s decision!  The ladies held a smaller version of the bride’s pretty white and blush bouquet by A Floral Affair.  Wrapped around the stems were two charms with photos of her father, who was there in spirit, beaming down on her the entire day.

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-51

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-50

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-49

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-53

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-55

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-56

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-73

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-61

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-64


Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-77

We’ve got to give a quick shout out to Lamplight Lettering for making our signage dreams come true!  This welcome was by far our favorite of the year.  Molly and JJ fell in love with Tahoe and Squaw because of how beautiful the surroundings are so a simple splash of gold with geometric terrariums, sprinkled with roses and greenery and we were ready for I Do’s.  When you’re in one of the most spectacular places you don’t need much decor to stun your guests.  The natural backdrop will do.  Sitting in the front row, in the seat closest to the bride, was her father’s shirt and hat.

We’ll never forget standing at the top of the stairs with the wedding party and bride as the ceremony music began.  An instrumental version of Man In The Mirror filled the crisp Squaw air, and so did Molly’s laughter.  This was the one song she vetoed when JJ was brainstorming wedding music.  The guests had a good laugh, the groom walked proudly down the aisle, and we think the bride secretly loved it because it’s a memory she’ll never forget.  Sandy walked her down the aisle to a teary eyed groom and hugged them both before taking her seat.

Mike, a close friend of the bride and groom, officiated the wedding and he did a fantastic, seriously incredible job.  Heartfelt vows where shared, rings were exchanged, and JJ and Molly sealed their marriage with a kiss while everyone cheered!

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-96

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-82

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-81

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-80


Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-91

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-95

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-103

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-100

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-109

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-110

Cocktail hour means we can head over to the welcome table to drop off a card and sign the couple’s Polaroid guestbook.  A Floral Affair sprinkled pops of color in bud vases and votives about.  Molly and JJ snuck off with drinks in hand for a few just married photos before joining their reception.

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-138

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-104

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-115

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-121

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-120

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-123

Dinner was on the lawn, thousands of twinkle lights from Camelot Party Rentals hung above tables decorated in mismatched votives from Tahoe Rustic Rentals and the most perfect calligraphed table numbers by Lamplight Lettering.  For their first dance, Molly and JJ danced to Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler.  If you’re not familiar please bookmark this blog and go watch The Wedding Singer.  Bring wine.  And tissues.  There were two unforgettable speech moments.  The first, JJ’s eighty eight year old grandpa sang What a Wonderful World for the couple.  The second, when Molly’s mother came out to give her speech wearing the bride’s father’s hat.  There was so much love between family and friends and these two very special people, we feel blessed that we got to experience just a weekend of the support Molly and JJ will have for the rest of their lives from this bunch.

An epic sunset photo session, air guitar on stage with Jump Start, and a heart shaped Chicago style pizza cutting followed dinner and hotel guests watched on enviously as wedding guests danced, sang, and cheered into the evening with the bride and groom.  We cannot wait for another opportunity to coordinate a wedding at the Resort at Squaw Creek.  This place really puts a spell on you.  It’s perfect.  Congratulations to Molly and JJ!  We wish you two a lifetime of laughter, memorable trips to Tahoe, and being awesome together!!  Let’s do it all over again?  XOXO

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-127

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-122

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-128

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-130

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-129

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-135

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-136

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-147

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-145

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-151

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-152

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-155

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-158

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-156

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-157

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-162

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-163

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-165

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-169

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-170


Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-171

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-172

Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-176


Molly and JJ - Tahoe Wedding-178

Photographer.  AGS Photo Art
Design and Coordination.  Engaged Life
Venue.  Resort at Squaw Creek
Hair and Makeup. . Edin Carpenter
Dress.  Romona Keveža
Flowers.  A Floral Affair
Signage.  Lamplight Lettering
Rentals.  Tahoe Rustic Rentals and Camelot Party Rentals
Band.  Jump Start
Video.  Yours Truly Media

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